A delicatessen

    We look after the suckling pig of Segovia with a great care, it is one of our best gastronomic product and a typical dish worth to be tried. Above all, you will have a delightful moment in our city through the kindness and the warm welcome from the inhabitants of Segovia.

    Gastronomía Segoviana


featuredimage Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso

Plaza de España, 15 40100 Real Sitio de San Ildefonso (Segovia) España

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Plaza Reina Victoria Eugenia S/N Segovia 40003 España

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C/ de la Moneda s/n Segovia 40003 España

La recipe of the Cochinillo

There is no secret in cooking a suckling pig when you use a high quality product of Segovia. First, you need a platter of clay, big enough to lay the suckling pig down flat on the back in an open position. It is preferable to use a platter of clay even if it’s not an […]

The Cochinillo

Segovia is known for the cochinillo, it is one of our prides. This satisfaction and pleasure bring by this dish to millions of guests in Segovia show one thing, an unrespeatable product! The suckling pig is feeding only by breast-feeding, which gives this great flavour and delightful taste. The quantity of food eaten by this […]