La recipe of the Cochinillo

There is no secret in cooking a suckling pig when you use a high quality product of Segovia.
First, you need a platter of clay, big enough to lay the suckling pig down flat on the back in an open position. It is preferable to use a platter of clay even if it’s not an obligation.
Salt and emplace the meat, add some water to a finger level.
Then leave the suckling pig in the oven, roasting between 1h00 and 1h30 in a fixed-temperature of 180°C, the roasting time depends on the oven you are using.
If you notice a slow roasting process, do not hesitate to turn over the meat, it is the best way to cook it. To know if the meat is ready, check if the skin’s turned golden.
If yes, switch off the oven, brush the skin with lard and switch on the grill option.
When the the cochinillo is ready, take out the gravy from the bottom of the platter, emplace it in a gravy boat and add in it a drop of vinegar.
The cochinillo will be served with the gravy to enjoy every single bite of this dish.

Notation: You won’t need to add any ingredient to this recipe, like the garlic for exemple, while the suckling pig selected is a high quality.